Virtual Publicist on-demand


PR on-demand

Get strategic PR advice and support at a fraction of the cost with our on-demand service. Whether you’re a filmmaker, social media influencer, business owner or actor trying to establish your brand reputation, you can now access a full suite of options with our Virtual Publicist service.

For 30 days, get one-on-one support for your brand and upcoming projects. Establish your name in the industry, get a film/event off the ground and build a larger social network.

Pre-order your first 30-days below with no longterm commitment needed. Get the support you need, when you need it, and at an affordable price. Once your payment has been received, an advisor will contact you to set up a strategy call and discuss your goals and objectives within 24 hours.

To prepare for your call, your advisor will ask you to send over links to your social profiles, company pages and projects (where applicable) to review your current online presence.

What’s included

  • Strategic PR advice to help you pitch to media and promote projects and business products/services via social networks.
  • One-on-one consultation with Film Industry Network’s senior team to discuss your goals and objectives.
  • On-going email support and recommendations during 30 days.
  • Guaranteed media coverage within the first 30 days for your media project/ company or your profile (actors, filmmakers, producers, film crew members included.)
  • Growth strategies and consultation for increasing followers on social media (Twitter, Periscope and Instagram)
  • Contact recommendations - develop new relationships with top executives and producers through Film Industry Network.
  • Recommended revenue streams for your talents, and your media projects (films, shorts, music videos and events).

Coverage examples


(Our Publicist on-demand service is currently available in the U.S. and the U.K. only at this time.)


Will my credit card be billed every month?
No. You’ll be making one fixed payment for 30 days which you can choose to renew by repeating the order on this page. If you want a regular payment plan for ongoing projects, contact your advisor who will set this up with you.
Can I pay in dollars?
Yes. Once you complete the checkout page your order will auto convert into dollars. You can also complete your purchase with Paypal at checkout. (You will not pay any additional transaction fees in either currency).
Where will my project(s) appear in the news?
You will get media placements on Film Industry Network and syndication via news apps (Apple News, Google News, Bing, Yahoo to name a few) guaranteed in your first 30 days. Additional coverage in other industry magazines is also possible.
What do I need to provide to get started?
A list of your social media profiles and website will help us assess your current online engagement. If you have a Wikipedia page and any other online profiles for your projects/ yourself, you can also send these details across to your advisor for review before the first strategy call.
Who will be working with me?
You will receive one-on-one support with a dedicated advisor with industry PR experience (video conferencing is included). All our team members have 10+ years’ experience in the entertainment industry and have secured coverage in major industry publications, working with A-list talent.
What if I want to cancel?
We provide a cancellation option within the first 5 days if you feel the service is not right for you, after which we do not provide a refund.
What’s the difference between your service and a normal PR agency?
Our service comes with guaranteed news coverage at a fraction of the cost of regular PR agencies. As we have built our own news network platform, we have direct access to audiences you want to reach in the entertainment business and do not need to sell your story to other media outlets. This saves time and reduces costs which allows us to provide affordable PR services that other agencies simply cannot offer. In essence, we are the media.
Does your service include crisis PR?
We do not currently offer crisis PR support in this package but if you would like a tailored PR plan feel free to contact our business team with your requirements here.
What happens once I order?
We will be notified of your order and an advisor will contact you to setup your first strategy call.

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