Short film review


What's included

  • Analysis of your short film (Maximum 15 mins in length)
  • Report on story, characters, editing and cinematography
  • Recommendations on how to improve your chances for selection
  • Marketing evaluation and tips on how to get media attention

Make your short stand out

Submitting your film to festivals but getting no results? Are you unsure why your short is not getting the traction you think it should? Get a full in-depth report on your film and understand what it is that you need to do to improve it. We’ll analyze the structure of your film from the storyline through to the characters, editing and cinematography, providing you with a personal assessment and actions you can take immediately to improve it. This will also cover marketing and how you can make your short film news worthy.

Once you order we’ll contact you and send a questionnaire to start the process. A review can take up to 7 days.